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Geraldine Dyer

Vice President (QLD)

Geraldine Dyer is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with postgraduate qualifications in Paediatric, Child and Youth Health Nursing. Geraldine is employed by the Queensland Department of Education and Training, State Schools Nursing Service, which provides education, training and support for students, families and school personnel to ensure the safe management of students with chronic illness or specialised health needs in Queensland State Schools. The ongoing support provided ensures students can participate fully in the educational program, with considerations and adjustments to ensure their safety and inclusion.
With 27 years of nursing experience within the Public Health sector, Geraldine has worked as a clinician, educator, and manager in a variety of settings. Residing in Mackay in Central Queensland, having lived and worked in urban, rural and remote communities, and currently working across all of these areas, Geraldine has a wealth of knowledge regarding the issues facing rural and remote areas. Geraldine’s passion for adolescent health has been ongoing throughout her career. Working in Midwifery and Child Health for many years, Geraldine was involved in the provision of direct care, support programs and education to both pregnant adolescents and adolescent parents.
As a mother of 2 adolescent children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, one of which also has a chronic illness, Geraldine has been driven to be a passionate advocate and voice for children, adolescents and families with special needs and disabilities.

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