Angela Grant

Elected Director - VIC

Angela has been actively involved in adolescent health for the past 15 years across a range of organisations in the not -for- profit sector. She currently manages National Community Service delivery at Redkite. These essential services support families and young people with a cancer diagnosis with a focus on counselling, information, financial assistance and education and career support. Angela’s current focus is on expansion of the ECS program to ensure that young people who have experienced a cancer diagnosis stay engaged with their educational and career pathways and/or find new ones to ensure the best possible future educational and career outcomes.

Previously with Starlight Children's Foundation, with roles in research and evaluation and program management, Angela utilised her creative arts background to manage Starlight’s hospital programs at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne including the ‘Livewire’ program. Angela managed the national evaluation of this program and its delivery in mental health units across the country, with the aim to understand more about the use of arts based programs in mental health settings. Prior to this she was National Program Manager at Camp Quality.

Angela's focus has been on both State and National operations and improving current, and creating new programs to meet the needs of young people living with serious illness. Angela has worked across the not for profit sector to increase coordination and remove duplication and competition in the provision of services in the adolescent health centre.

Passionate about motivating and inspiring and empowering teams to achieve organisational success. Angela has a degree in English Literature/Drama was an invited presenter at UNIMA Conference 2008 (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) a member of SIMNA - Social Impact Measurement Network Australia and AAAH.